Why Entrepreneurs Dislike Lawyers

When There Is Need Of A Lawyer

lee_mack_2011For many business people, making a solid decision on whether to have business lawyers is equivalent to any person deciding to see a doctor. Businesspersons should call a lawyer when faced with some serious legal problems. For example, when your product severely injures a customer or a case where you are being investigated for some securities fraud. In some instances such as starting a business, hiring employees and dissolving a business it may not be clear whether to have a lawyer or not. With this, one needs to recognize situations which need the help of a business related lawyer and those which do not.

Situations when a businessperson needs a lawyer

There exist some few situations when you will require the services of say a small business lawyer. Some of the few legal issues that are serious and needs the help of a well-experienced business lawyers include;

  1. When you and your partners want to make some special allocations of profit and loss in your business enterprises, then you will need to employ a tax lawyer to handle the tricky situation.
  2. When you and your partners need to make some special contribution of appreciated property to your partnership deal.
  3. In case you are in a process of buying a business somewhere and a major issue concerning the environment come up
  4. For a situation where one of your employee or former employee wants to sue your business or one of your top managers for discrimination or even sexual harassment.

Why entrepreneurs dislike working with lawyers

Most entrepreneurs hate working with business lawyers for various reasons. Some of the reasons include the following

  • Entrepreneurs view lawyers as killers of their deals
  • Lawyers are most of the times unresponsive despite the urgency of the matter
  • Most entrepreneurs have term the current lawyer’s fees as through the roof since some can bill up to $1000 per hour
  • Entrepreneurs have realized the lawyers do not even care for them nor their matters
  • Lawyers spend a lot of time on petty issues. They always fail to prioritize issues.
  • Most of the lawyers in the field are not experience in what they do.
  • Lawyers have poor listening skills
  • Lawyer are “over-lawyering” on a constant basis
  • Lawyers rarely keep the entrepreneur informed on progress of what they were given to handle
  • Lawyers do not communicate concisely or clearly.

With the above, we can conclude that as entrepreneurs we need to know that as much as we dislike lawyers there are inevitable situations that are inexplicable, and we will need the help of a lawyer. What we need to sieve out is the bad and good lawyers. If you will get a good lawyer, then he is likely to do you great as they normally lack time to deal with start-ups. In case you need business lawyers consult widely.

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