The paradigm shift in legal practice

From Traditional Working Places to Part-Time Office Space

One of the biggest challenges new law firms face is striking a balance between daily cash flow expenditures and long-term profits. Among the heftiest expenses incurred by law firms are office lease costs. The rates of renting a permanent office located at the heart of a city like Washington DC is almost un-affordable for young attorneys or nascent partnerships, thus launching practice in big cities can become almost impossible. Thankfully, there are tip top work-ready offices that are leased by various property agents and brokers on a short-term basis. Part-time offices have emerged as efficient and pocket-friendly alternatives to conventional places of work for practicing attorneys as they undercut operating charges by integrating technology and avoiding manual labor.

Office Space for rent – Washington DC are rely on website service delivery, thus you do not need to hire full-time workers as there are next-door services like receptionist and secretarial staff to outsource intermittently. Additionally, the office layouts are configurable to serve varying needs like boardroom and conference meeting areas, day office, and diverse customization options. Virtual or part-time office rooms are let on flexible terms, there are hourly rates for meeting rooms, daily office hire, monthly and long-term leaseholds. Unlike traditional offices where attorneys would pay for unnecessary spaces in outsizes workplaces, hiring on part-time ensures you pay only for the area being used, high-speed internet connectivity and telecommunication services like video calls.

Going virtual is suitable for attorneys who are mainly involved in transaction practice with corpus paperwork flow from clients to their offices and vice-versa. A shared office layout enables these lawyers to expeditiously undertake their tasks without involving permanent staff and personal meetings with clients. Attorneys interact with their clients through client’s portal, Skype and other means while ancillary services like receptionist’s, coffee and correspondence are sought when needed. You may want to use online-based receptionist services by various companies to receive calls from your clients.

Unlike large law firms where costs are spread among numerous partners, fledgling ones cannot afford to foot the expenses of exquisite offices. Similarly, practicing in Washington can be daunting if your law firm is located far from the metro stations, rather than at the center of the city where most of your clients are likely to land. The only solution for these law firms is to go digital in practice, choose part-time offices, leverage technology and eliminate full-time staff. There are property agents and brokers online to assist you identify ideal suites to hire a part-time office that is strategically located with infrastructural accessibility, sprawling parking areas underneath, high-tech security systems and distraction-free working areas.

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